My Hobbies

11/28/2017 - by Spaceman433

Obviously talking Zello - or CB if I can actually find someone on there these days. I like listening to the scanner, short wave, and all that nerdy type of shit.

The fam and I are really into camping and we do a lot of traveling. I think the only states I have NOT seen yet are Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, Vermont, and Maine. I've been to every other state including American Territories like St Tomas and St John, USVI. I've yet to officially make it out of the country though.

I'm not a big TV or movie person, although I do have a few favorites. Here's a few mentions:

TV: Steelers Games or any football game in general, Punisher, 24, Family Guy, American Dad, Walking Dead

Movies: Comedies like Dumb & Dumber, Grandma's Boy, Beerfest.... Others like Pulp Fiction, Terminators, Star Treks, Star Wars' (yes, I love both, but you can say I'm more of a Trekkie... Not a super nerdy one though. I'm not going to know a ton of trivia.)

Music: Music has played a big part of my life so I had to devote a page to it: Music