posted by Spaceman433, 10/30/2018

Ghost Stories by Spaceman

Maybe it's because Halloween is tomorrow, or maybe it's because my son has been asking me questions about ghosts lately. But I thought I would share with everyone about the time I lived in a real haunted house :) ......and yes, the images below are of the house I lived in. (OK, so I may have "darkened" these pics in photoshop, but hey, I have to set a mood here lol)


I grew up in the DC area, and the neighborhood I lived in was getting worse and worse with crime,drugs, schools were getting bad, etc. So at the age of 14, my parents wanted to get me the heck out of there, so they found a townhouse for rent in Catonsville, MD (located just outside of west Baltimore). We were at this townhouse for about 7 or 8 years. While we were there, we all experienced some interesting things.

Here's a list of general and specific things that I experienced over the years.

General things that happened all the time:

  • Our cat would randomly "go nuts" right before weird things happened. Her tail would get bushed up, she would meow and growl at the walls, and this would usually result in her taking off and hiding somewhere.

  • The whole family has complained about this one quite frequently: We would be looking for something that we know was in a certain spot, only to find it an hour or so later in that same spot.

  • Every week or 2 around the same time of day, we all hear a loud crash upstairs. It sounded like a full glass jar of marbles hitting the floor, breaking, and scattering across the floor. Of course, we would go upstairs to check it out, and there's nothing to be found. We eventually stopped going upstairs to inspect the sound. We would just look at each other and say "there he is again".

  • I would wake up in the middle of the night and see a shadow of someone standing in my room, sometimes looking at something in my room, or looking over me while I'm sleeping. Sometimes I would sit straight up, wipe my eyes, shake my head and refocus on the figure, and it would still be there. I can even remember my night light would reflect onto the figure. Within 10 to 20 seconds, the figure would simply disappear, or sometimes even walk through a wall. There were many times I would see the figure looking over my turntables, and the light from the mixer that I had accidentally left on occasionally would reflect onto the figure as well. Sometimes I thought I was simply pulling images from out of my dream, but this would happen quite often, the figure would always look the same, and again, this has never happened to me outside of this house.

  • When friends came over to the house, they would usually sleep on the couch which was bumped up against the staircase. Many friends - some of which didn't know each other would tell me they had dreams of getting sucked into the couch and trapped under the stairs. I personally never had that dream though.

  • The basement was divided into 2 main sections. Once section was finished and the other section was used for storage which also had the washer and dryer in it. The lights were usually off in that room. There have been many times I was sitting in the one room and saw the outline of someone waking around in the other room when I know there was nobody in there.

  • I used to have an Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard in the mid 90's which is what I used to produce hip hop tracks. I would be up all hours of the night making beats and cleaning up recordings. About a dozen times that I can remember, the keyboard would start "wigging out" and randomly playing bits and pieces of samples and sounds all by itself - sometimes it contained sounds that were not loaded into memory - pieces of tracks that I made months and months prior. I would write this off as a weird overheating/memory issue that would occur every so often, but when adding this to the list of everything else that has ever happened, it makes you think differently. Especially since this never happened in any other house.

Specific things that happened:

  • Night number 1: On the very first night, my parents left me at the new house alone with the cat. They were on their way back down to the DC area with the U-haul truck to get the last few things. They were only going to be gone about 3 hours or so. But within 20 minutes of being left alone, I heard the cat going crazy in the basement, which I thought was normal because cats usually take time to get adjusted to a new house or apartment. But I walked down the stairs and saw her tail bushed up and growling at the big walk-in closet. It sounded like something was rustling around in the closet. Kind of like clothes moving back and forth - you know that sounds where metal hangers are sliding across the metal rod, as of someone was going through clothes looking for something to wear. I opened the doors to the closet only to find nothing was there - and the sound immediately stopped.

  • I used to love to mix hip hop tracks on my turntables in my bedroom. These turntables were Technics 1200's, which as some may know, were NOT the type of turntables that would load a record and start playing automatically. You would physically have to pick the needle up, and put it on the record. Well one night, around 2 or 3 am, I had just finished recording a new mix. As I was done with each record, I would take them off the turntable and put them on my bed behind me. As the last 2 records were still spinning with the needle completely off of each record, I had turned around to start putting each record back in their sleeve/jacket. About 2 minutes into the cleanup, I heard the needle scrape across one of the records and start playing about half way into the song. I still had my headphones on and about jumped out of my skin. The first thing I thought of was maybe my headphones wire was caught on the needle and dragged the needle across the record, but I didn't feel that happen, and the turntables were each turned 90 degrees counter clockwise so that the needle arm was at the top (which was the way I liked to use them). So there was no way that could have been the case. Also, the cat was no where to be found, so she wasn't there to bump it. Needless to say I didn't sleep in my room for weeks.

  • Another time, I was playing Nintendo in the basement. As I'm playing, the cat starts freaking out again. The lights dim a couple times, the cat takes off upstairs, and within seconds, the Nintendo starts flashing and the lighbulb in the lap behind me explodes. Literally explodes. I remember sitting in the dark and calmly saying "I know you are here" and I casually walked upstairs.

  • more to come!

...After we moved out....

After my parents and I moved out, the people that bought the house completely renovated it. I'm not sure if the new occupants have witnessed anything like I wrote about above or not. Could the renovations have removed the imprint of who or whatever was haunting the place? It would be interesting to find out one day.

About half way through living there, we did find out from neighbors that the person who lived there before us died in his sleep in the master bedroom. If I knew back then what EVPs were, or that I could try using a camera to catch images of ghosts, I would have absolutely tried to see what I could capture. But I'm sure this ghost was friendly - and he seemed to be a bit playful.

Possible ghostly encounters that happened over the years:

The Admiral Fells Inn Hotel in Fells Point, MD (Baltimore)

Anyone who has been to this Hotel has heard about its ghost stories. They even hire actors to dress up in 19th century style clothing and play the part of hotel "ghosts" which you see in the lobby and just outside the hotel. They basically walk around and talk to each other, but never get in the way of the public. They are supposed to just be in the background so that they can set the mood.

My ex and I stayed there one night in 2005 - we planned to hit the nearby clubs and bars pretty hard and just stay at the hotel so that we didn't have to worry about getting home afterwards (this was pre uber and lyft days. ) The hotel is located in historic Fells Point, in walking distance of many bars, clubs, and restaurants.

The room we were in was pretty small, but it had a decent sized bathroom. My ex was in the shower, and I had just gotten out of the shower and I too was in the bathroom getting ready. While we were both in there, there was a loud CRASH in the other room. I quickly raced out there and the table that had the lamp, alarm clock, and various other items like phone, notebook, etc was toppled over onto the floor. There was no explanation for this. The table was solid, and there was nothing that could have bumped into it. It was as if it was pushed over.

It didn't occur to me until later that night to grab a camera and start snapping pictures, but the pictures I took didn't have any ghostly results. I wish I had thought of that at the time of.

Anyway, I had put the table back in place with the lamp and alarm clock, but put everything else on another table.

We proceeded to go on with our night and there were no other weird happenings.

Hanover, PA

I had a house built in Hanover, PA in 2012. The land it was built on was farm land that had existed for many many years. I never really experienced anything weird there, except for one time. In late 2014, I remember coming downstairs to get something to drink around 2 AM. I heard the sound of a snare drum beating outside way off in the distance. The rhythm of the beating drum was close to 1 hit per second. As I was downstairs enjoying my cold beverage, I heard the sound of the snare drum slowly get closer and closer. When it got to the point that it sounded like it was right outside my dining room window, I quickly opened the outside door and the fog was so thick that night, I couldn't see past the edge of the deck. And the sound once again started to fade off into the distance until I couldn't hear it anymore.

I wasn't thinking ghost at the time, I was just wondering why someone was hitting a snare drum that time of night. I was also thinking maybe they weren't in my backyard, maybe the sound was bouncing around weird and it just sounded that way.

But when I told a friend of mine what I heard, they said "hey, it could have been the ghosts of soldiers making their way to or from Gettysburg"... And Gettysburg was only 30 minutes away from where I lived and I immediately got chills and said "Holy crap - that makes sense!" I wasn't originally putting 2 and 2 together. Back then a lot of soldiers marched to the beat of a drum.